Did that Pinterest board just come to life? Week 4!

Hey my blogging friends! Happy Thursday! What a crazy week it has been! Super busy but guess what…I found time to go shopping for this weeks “Thrifty Thursday!” This week was a challenge. The past 2 weeks I have left a picture of the following weeks outfit. I did that for 2 main reasons: the first being that it keeps me in check and not wasting hours aimlessly looking to gather together a full outfit under $20 (so far so good!). The second reason is for you guys! It’s nice to have a visual and know what to look forward too! (Or not look forward too if it’s not your style)

Oh yes, so about it being a challenge…here is why. Last week when I left the picture for this week it was actually 4 different outfits all with similar taste but I was at a lost. So I asked you all to vote and pick one for me! The vote was fairly even with these outfits:



Both are extremely adorable! And well if it were up to me I would have bought all four…my bank account would not have liked me so much. I finally made up my mind and I went with the first outfit, THEN it was sooooo hard for me to find a cardigan (that I actually liked and would wear again!) SO I improvised! I took a couple things from each outfit and created something new! I found a shirt that was the mustard yellow,Β  which was super hard for me & not my fav color, a pair of jeans (which were desparetely needed), a purse, cream cardigan, & the cutest boots! The point of the pics is for a guideline…your allowed to break the rules here! So enough of me rambling here it is!






Aren’t those boots so cute?! They were $4! My total cost this week was $20 EXACTLY!

Much love,
Brooke Ashley xoxox

P.S. I don’t have an outfit picked yet because I will begin preparing for my engagement pictures soon and I have not made up my mind! Color suggestions???


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