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I am Brooke Ashley. Simple Jersey girl with a big heart and a slight Pumpkin Spice addiction in the Fall. Find me on Instagram and you can normally find me with a cup of coffee in my hand. Oh, and I like selfies…

selfie queen
It’s true LOOK I was even featured in a “SELFIE” article before #NoShame!








Hmmm so why am I here? You would think after 22 years of breathing I would know but it’s not that easy for all of us. I feel as though I am FINALLY able to define my purpose & who I am after my first 2 #FeelGoodBloggingChallenge posts. Haven’t read them yet: GO CHECK THEM OUT!

I am here to be different. (I know cliché right?) I am a business owner and with that I am here to inspire you. Well I also only work my actual job on the weekends & I needed something to fill my Monday-Friday free time…

But seriously I am here to INSPIRE you…

Inspire you to JUMP, TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH, FACE YOUR FEARS, etc. I wanna help you  realize you are capable of just about anything. And when I am not being your motivational speaker I wanna share my love of makeup and fashion.

I will be honest I can never really “plan” my posts. My topics yes, but the content I feel as though I will never truly know until I am in front of the computer screen. Give me a quiet room and a cup of Joe and my mind goes crazy! Along with that I pray for guidance and direction each morning so I never know where my day is going to take me or the people I am going to connect with.

I never thought I would see myself being a blogger but I am truly loving every second of it. I am here to share my experiences, my story, my business, & of course HAVE FUN! Because if you aren’t having fun then you’re doing something wrong.

There are two specific people in mind who I can thank for helping me to keep going and pushing forward.

That first person is my Momma. She always is constantly encouraging me. Whether it be a bible verse, a quote, or just a simple “Keep following your dreams baby,” she has the right thing to say when I need it most. We have had our bumps and bruises during the last 22 years but I wouldn’t trade any of it. My Mom is one of my dearest friends and I know I can always count on her.

mommas 2
The more I grow the more I realize that my Mom is the best friend I ever I had.

The second person is my other half Aaron. I think (actually I know) he chuckles in his head when I say he inspires me. He is one the funniest and most encouraging people I know. He is always telling me to keep going and says I am gonna be something someday. One of the greatest things about him is that he is my best friend.

“Love those tanks! Where did you get them?” Why thank you for asking! We own an apparel line…NBD. Shout-out to True Strength Apparel!

I know I am exactly where I need to be RIGHT NOW. So let’s get started! Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

Much love

Brooke Ashley xoxox


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