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All because 2 people fell in LOVE :)

What a perfect Monday to write a post! It’s raining and I am cozy on the couch watching a Lifetime movie with a hot cup of coffee! I am really excited about this next series I am going to start sharing starting now! Any guesses?

I hear wedding bells! That’s right you are all invited to join me over the next few months to get the inside scoop on #SimpkinsDucatiWedding! Consider yourselves VIP!

your invited

I decided over the weekend I was going to start this series because I really think all of you will enjoy seeing a full blown Pinterest wedding come to life & you will all help keep me sane so I don’t turn into a “bridezilla” (bonus for me!) So let’s get into it!

Today I am going to keep it short and sweet and start with my organization. Weddings are all fun and beautiful when a little 10 year old girl designs it inside and out in her head…then all the sudden IT GETS REAL. Well in that case I figured a good starting point would be to get a binder. Let me just ramble for a second…I feel bad for ANYONE who got married before Pinterest was invented. Enough said, moving on.

I have been reading some great blogs to get a layout of what I need to begin getting together. So far I have made a mini list which looks as follows:


Today I just focused on making the main tabs (which I made myself) from post it notes! Over the next few weeks you will all join me in filling in the pages 🙂


All of my ideas whether I plan to use them or not will be here! Before I go let me share my FAVORITE part of this binder that I created over the weekend. I looked up some bible verses about love and marriage, wrote them out on index cards, & then taped them to the inside cover. I did this for one main reason. Anytime over these next few months when I feel stressed or overwhelmed because something didn’t go right (which will happen) I can look back here and remember what this day is really about & that is me marrying my best friend.


I am really looking forward to sharing this experience with you all! If you miss any posts search category:

Simpkins Ducati Wedding and they will be grouped together!

Much love,

Brooke Ashley


P.S. Did you guys catch my super cute bridal party hangers? Thank you PINTEREST!


P.S.S. If you have any recommendations for bridal blogs PLEASE leave them below 🙂 


You can DO IT too!

WOW. So today is Day 2 of the Alex Beadon #FeelGoodBloggingChallenge

She definitely set me up for a “challenge” with today’s topic….and that is because I never thought of WHY I do what I do. So in the next few hundred words I am going to discover what that WHY is for myself.
What is my story? That is such a great question. I never wanted to do what I am currently doing. No, wait that is actually a lie. I never thought I COULD do what I am currently doing. And that is being a young entrepreneur/ business owner & blogger. I will start my story about 2 and a half years back.
I remember sitting at dinner with my now boyfriend Aaron. We were having our second “first date.” We were catching up on what we have been doing in our lives since our time apart from one another. I told him how I was in classes seeking to be an elementary school teacher. You could tell in my voice there wasn’t much passion, but I mean I was in college so I was doing it right, right? He went on about how be started a business and had NO desire to go back to school. Needless to say I was scared. At that moment I had doubts. I didn’t know if us becoming US together again was going to be a great idea. He had no direction and no desire…except to be this “entrepreneur” or something like that.
I didn’t wanna give up on us but I was nervous as heck. Something was telling me there was a bigger picture here. Something was telling me there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I just didn’t know what that was yet.
Moving forward I learned to be supportive of this business venture of Aaron’s. I went to meetings and conferences and supported his decisions 100%, because I wanted what was making him happy. I loved listening to the speakers. Even when they were not directly talking about business they shared honest information about there life experiences and how they have made an impact, how they have set themselves apart from the others, etc. And it really got the wheels turning in my head.
I suddenly started to ponder….Could I do this? Is there MORE for me out there? Could I be MY own boss? But it was more then that. I always knew I was different but I could never exactly figure out what it was that made me so separate from others that I knew personally. To make a long story short I became a business owner January of this past year. I took a leap not knowing if it was going to be for me.
Becoming a business owner was just the beginning for me. I partnered with Shop.com specializing in Motives Cosmetics. And in the beginning I laughed because I barely even knew how to put on mascara.
It wasn’t until around April of this year that I wanted to do something more. I wanted to create a presence (not only with my products or business but for myself). I wanted people to know who I was. Let me clarify…not for popularity reasons but to INSPIRE. To not only take my knowledge of what my business has to offer to change people’s lives but also to be THAT person who INSPIRES them each and everyday & basically reassures that person that they are capable of anything.
Why am I passionate about what I do?
I wanna be the person who changes lives. Not only financially but most importantly with my presence. I want people to see my Instagram or my Facebook, or my blog and say “that girl inspired me to keep going,” “that girl inspired me to chase my dreams,” “that girl inspired me to embrace who I really am.”
Stay with me here…I want people to realize they are capable of doing ANYTHING if they put their mind to it. It’s not about what your parents or grandparents or friends want you to do. It’s about what YOU wanna do with your life.
Don’t ever be afraid to take risks, they are what make life worth living for. Remember in the beginning when I told you I was going to school to be a teacher? I did that because at that point in my life I felt like that was my calling(and it was). BUT  what happened next was the breakthrough that sadly a lot of people will never discover. I woke up and realized that was not MY passion, MY future, and not MY desire anymore. Instead of being miserable and settling and complaining I decided to make a change. And okay mine was a little more of a jump then just switching college majors, but maybe that is the kinda jump people need to take more often then not.
Now don’t take this the wrong way. Don’t go to your parents, spouse, friends, whomever and say “that girl told me to jump and not to go to school.” No the message here is to really just think about what it is your doing and really just figure out if you are doing what you love. That’s all. And my job here is too help INSPIRE you.
I INSPIRE you to take a chance. If you win you will be happy; and if you lose then at least you will be wise.
My passion is the words and pictures I share with my story. I am on a journey I never thought I would see myself on. And that’s why I tell you today to take a risk because it could turn into something beautiful and worthwhile.

Much love,

Brooke Ashley xoxox

 P.S. Aaron I love you with all my heart. I can say if it wasn’t for you
I may have never truly discovered the person I have become. ❤