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Were you BORN to blog: Part 5

Hey there! I don’t have much time today so I am actually multi-tasking! Reading my chapters and creating this post. I have to be completely honest…I am actually going to be skipping over a few chapters of Born to Blog. I was reading over the weekend and something suddenly wasn’t clicking. As I was reading I had no idea how I wanted to write about it…


It’s funny because the next two chapters from where I left off last week are about YOUR business & BLOGGING. Hmmm kinda does seem like a priority don’t ya think? Sometimes you just nees to step back, take a different direction, & learn to NOT overcomplicate things. Funny thing is that is what the next chapter of Born to Blog is about: Keeping your blog at a minimum! I loved this chapter so much.
It is not unusual to want every detail laid out for perfection BUT keep in mind it is also okay to change your direction. As long as you stay consistent (which I am working on being better at) & hook your readers you can keep it as simple as possible!

Let me give you a little personal and honest insight: My blog is pretty bare and basic at this point. Why have I kept it this way? I feel as though I am still going through a “test run” period if that makes sense. I wanna make sure this is where I want my time and effort to be going. I know that sounds like I lack confidence but before I put MORE time and any money I want to be able to keep up with my weekly minimum. And I am having a blast because I have learned SO much from all of the new friends I have made from the blogging scene. But before I slowed sown a bit and created my own post calendar I did some rapid publishing, which I highly recommend. What I mean by this is posting as many posts as possible during a short amount of time to gain quick experience & exposure. This way right from the beginning you can receive feedback from readers so you can have a good idea of what they like and want to see more of! I did this through the Alex Beadon Feel Good Challenge!

This is pretty much the jist of this chapter. Feel out what kind of content you wanna produce, how much content you wanna produce, your audience, your platform, etc. Identify YOUR blogging skills: Remember there were 5! There is a quiz to find out what you are. (I will leave details on how to receive that below) As you start out you want to begin to build momemtum! How can you so this? Do not be afraid to post links back to your blog on Facebook or Instagram: I do all the time! Your audience is more then the bloggers on the same platform as you. Some of your readers may not be bloggers at all! My Mom told me she is always reading my content 🙂

So my biggest and best advice I have learned through both business and blogging is: KISS!


P.S. If you are interested in taking a look at the quiz to see what YOUR blogging characteristics may be feel free to email me (brookeashley0319@gmail.com) OR message me on Facebook (Brooke Ducati)

Much love,
Brooke Ashley xoxox


Were you BORN to blog: Part 4

Hellooooo bloggers! I am a day behind (I’m sorry!) Been a little hectic but I am here with the next 2 characteristics of what it takes to be a GOOD blogger. Now remember ANYONE CAN BE A BLOGGER. It’s just a matter of how you implement the 5 traits! Last week I discussed storytelling, dreaming, & persuading. Tonight I am gonna touch on teaching & curation! And if you don’t know what curating is that is okay because I didn’t know either until I read! Sooo let’s go!

We are teaching every single day whether we know it or not. Through blogging we are teaching. It may be a lesson, sharing motivational/inspirational expertise, how to, or tutorial! In the book Born to Blog there are 3 different types of teaching encounters: Teaching by doing, conversation, and coaching & mentoring. The method that usually gets looked over (but I connect with the most) is coaching & mentoring! I have a natural feel for this method. People who have a knack for creating lists or how to scenarios can be considered a “coach” or a “mentor.” You are coaching someone through a task or project. Although it gets looked over a lot, people enjoy this type of style because it is pre-organized right in front of them. They are given a set of “rules” or check points on how to do a particular task. It may not come off as a formal mentor per-say but it does kinda make it seem like you know what your doing 😉

Like I said we are ALL teaching everyday whether we know it or not. EMBRACE it, even if you don’t think your the best at it. As long as you bring the energy and passion for whatever it is your discussing people will be attracted to your writing! Teaching is only natural in all of us.

Sooooo now I can tie in the last and final part of the 5 characteristics of a GOOD blogger- curation. Hmmm seems tricky! Curation is about collecting and bringing information all together. Even further then that curation is about bringing together the best info about a subject. Mark and Stanford say ” think of your blog as the gallery and the blogger as the gallery owner.” 


PINTEREST! Isn’t it crazy how much Pinterest comes into play with blogging? I LOVE it. Pinterest is a perfect way to wrap up and better explain curation. Also, I didn’t just think this up….this is the example the authors use 😉 Pinterest is a unique way for people to share there story and experiences through pictures & links (kinda like Instagram!) You are creating boards to express your personality and categorize your your passions and hobbies…which can then further lead to blog posts! If you are able to create collections of a particular themes to discuss different topics on your blog you will be able to connect with those of similar passion. BONUS: If you learn how to curate properly it could definitely save you time! It will be useful if you are not the greatest at coming up with original content…BUT if you do this always remember to give credit where needed 😉 I would teach you how to properly curate & apply all these other characteristics BUT it’s all a learning experience that you will have to read for yourself! Next week I will be shifting into a little bit of different direction as we take these skills and talk about if you have a business WHY you SHOULD be blogging!

I apologize again for the late post!

Much love,

Brooke Ashley


Were you BORN to blog: Part 3

Hey hey blogging friends! I almost didn’t write this post today because I am EXHAUSTED but I knew I had to do it! I was just not in a reading mood today and I was extremely blah…But once I picked up the book and got my brain going I made it!

So refresher: I am currently reading Born to Blog. Last week I discussed “Can you blog?” And the easy answer to that question was ANYONE CAN BLOG! This week I started to dive into the characteristics of a good blogger. This week I am going to share 3 of the 5 and what I learned from them: Storytelling, Dreaming, & Persuading!

Hmmmm storytelling…never was my forte. But what can we learn from being a storyteller? I will tell you what MORE people will be attracted to you as a storyteller and NOT a salesperson. Especially when you are using your blog for business. Nobody, not even me wants to be “SOLD” on a product. The authors of this book said it perfectly “People won’t spend a second with an advertisement, but they’ll spend 30 minutes with a great story.” We cannot help but pay attention to stories. Being open and willing to share your thoughts, opinions, and perspectives makes a great blogger…and any of us can achieve that!

pic 1

Begin to pay attention to how many stories you tell during the day. If you are intriguing your real life audience MAYBE it will reel in your online audience as well! Your stories you share with others during the day could help spark a post about your business or product. You will be able to share in a “non-salesperson” way. I wanna tie in persuasion with storytelling. The only important detail I think you need to know about being a persuasive writer in blogging is this:

Find common ground, build relationships, & make your case for your values and what you believe in!

How can you do this to relate with your readers and customers? Don’t try so hard. Just simply discover how you can chat about your everyday life BUT appear professional to share your business & service. Does this make sense?

The third characteristic and by far my favorite is DREAMING! We as humans are meant to dream and not enough of us do it. Dreaming is super essential. Dreams are probably the reason your here. Am I right? What inspired you to blog? You probably had a vision and you wanted to make it come to life. I know for me I kinda woke up one day and said “How can I share my passion and business of cosmetics, fashion, my everyday story, & life AND inspire people as an entrepreneur?” I then said to myself I will start a blog! My mind went stir crazy. I started to watch videos and read articles and started posting all my ideas with post it notes on my bedroom walls. I had a dream!

Let me just clarify one tiny detail. In the book a part was mentioned where people label others as either visionaries or dreamers. I never really knew there was a difference. Apparently a visionary is someone who makes the money & a dreamer is when your plans never happen or they don’t happen the way you want. Don’t let this label catch you! It’s only a label. Next week I will be diving into teaching and curation in blogging!

Much love,

Brooke Ashley xoxox