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Did that Pinterest board just come to life? Week 3!

Well hello bloggers & readers! Welcome to an early edition of Thrifty Thursday! Why a day early you ask? Well I am headed up North this weekend (tomorrow!) & I was planning on bringing my new outfit with me! Sooooo I figured I would share today…PLUS I will barely have any service so better I do this today!

*** Please don’t mind any silly placement for I am doing this on my phone because my computer was acting up***

If you are just joining me be sure to search under category “Thrifty Thursday” to see both of the past looks I have created! Both from Pinterest & last weeks being my Halloween costume! Also, remember I am creating these outfits in $20 or LESS!


This week I spent $13! Keep in mind I already had the boots, leggings, & scarf! Spool I bought my sweater from Plato’s closet for $12 AND git an awesome deal for this adorable wristlet & bracelets for a total of $1 😉 What a great shopping adventure it was! Of course ONCE AGAIN…after taking pictures I realized I missed a minor detail…the sunglasses. Luckily I already had a pair of those too!


I had the HARDEST time finding a floral wrestler in my budget. I thought this one was adorable! It's my new makeup purse 🙂


Keeping it short and sweet this week because I gotta get packing! See you all Monday! Enjoy your week & weekend!

P.S. Which outfit should I put together for next week?! Leave your choice below!


Much love,
Brooke Ashley xoxox


Did that Pinterest board just come to Life? Halloween Inspired!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Halloween! Where is the time going?!? And guess what day today is…THURSDAY! As promised I will officially be starting my “Thrifty Thursday” segment. Two weeks ago I shared my first post with a Pinterest inspired outfit that I re-created under $20! Well I had soooo much fun doing it. Well since tomorrow is Halloween I think you kinda already know where this one is going! Oh yes, Halloween costume UNDER $20!

halloween 5

P.S. Rocking my RUBY lipstick by Motives Cosmetics to bring a little tint of color 🙂

I have been pretty excited to share this one with you all the past couple days and let me tell you why. I am not a huge Halloween person BUT I do enjoy dressing up! I don’t like being scared, I don’t like the gruesome costumes, haunted houses, haunted hayrides, being chased with chain saws, zombies, etc…& the number one thing I dislike the most is the amount of money people spend to dress up. You have to agree with me here! SOOOOOOOO long story short I am sharing my DIY Halloween costume with you that I spent a grand total of $17.00 on!

For starters where did I get my costume inspiration… Pinterest of course! & here it is:

halloween 6

This year I went with a bank robber. Not very classy I know 😉 BUT it was very easy to put together for not a lot of money. For starters I already own countless amounts of black bottoms thanks to my leggings & I own several pairs of Chuck Taylor’s that was a given for me. But you can wear any black shoe that you may already have.

Let me share some pics before I go on!

halloween 4

halloween 1
Cute little money bag was a great find at a Halloween outlet priced 2 for $5. Original price $10 a piece…YIKES

halloween 3

The only accessory not shown is my gloves (which I also already own, you can buy a pair for $1.00 at Wal-Mart!) I already took my pictures when I realized I didn’t have them on…whoops! I cannot even begin to express the frustration I was having trying to find a black and white striped shirt. Seems silly right? I looked EVERYWHERE. Thankfully ROSS came to the rescue. I walked in and was able to bring about 5 different styles into the dressing room with me and coming out with the winner at $5.99. Putting together a costume for ONE night or two if you are a party kinda guy or gal DOES NOT have the break the bank. Use your resources (PINTEREST)!

Are you on Instagram? Share your DIY Halloween costumes with me! I wanna see what you come up with 🙂

Tag me: @brookeducati & use hashtag #BrookeAshleyLifestyles !

Tune in NEXT Thursday to see me create this simple, casual, fun (& typical) Fall fashion under $20!

thrifty thursday 3

Much love,

Brooke Ashley xoxox

Did that Pinterest board just come to life?

Well…when I first watched the video for Alex Beadon’s #FeelGoodBloggingChallenge I was like “WHAT?!?!” How am I supposed to do that! Our challenge today was rather interesting and difficult at first. We were asked to teach YOU guys how to do something.Can I be honest here…..

The very first thing I thought of was when I was back in 3rd grade and was asked to write a “HOW TO” paper and I chose how to make a peanut butter and jelly(YUM). But since I am a tad older now I probably should think of something else. Well after some thought I knew what I was going to share! Now don’t laugh…but I am going to share with you guys how to recreate a PINTEREST inspired outfit.

Now before I dive into it I wanna share a few things. A few weeks ago when I was planning my details to launch my blog I cam e up with a bunch of ideas for blog topics. No kidding one of my ideas was to recreate Pinterest outfits for a segment I will be doing called “Thrifty Thursday!”

BUT WAIT…there’s MORE!

Let me share something else with you. I am an avid thrift shopper (hence the name title above). Yes, I said it! Now I know the song is playing in your head and if it wasn’t it probably is now…your welcome! But clearance racks are also my best friends!

I share this with you because I challenged myself. The challenge was that I can recreate an outfit in $20 or less every week. This is really just for fun & obviously to show you don’t need a million $$$ in your pocket to be a fashionista 😉

So I am not going to complicate this anymore…are ya ready? READY? GO:

Step 1: Go on Pinterest and aimlessly pin all day long. And when you see something you like PIN IT.

“Welcome to the board of ridiculously adorable clothes that I will never wear OR buy!”

I like that one! PIN onto the board of adorable clothes I will never wear...YAY!

Step 2: Choose outfit that you do actually really love (which will be all the them, DUH you pinned them) & print out.

fashion 0`Nope that is not me!

Step 3: GO SHOPPING! Make your pins come to life! & have patience. I say that because if your gonna do this right you may have to go to more then 1 store (I usually do). But clearly I don’t have a problem shopping because I just shared with you all “HOW TO” go shopping!




Easy enough right? My point here is if love something MAKE IT COME TO LIFE. I know it’s just clothes (Calm down). But That was fun!

*As I mentioned above I will be making this a weekly segment “Thrifty Thursday,”just a fun/goofy/chill page for fashion lovers like myself!* 

P.S. I spent a total of $16.00 to create this outfit! Woohoo GO ME 🙂

Much love.

Brooke Ashley xoxox