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Love is patient, love is kind.

WOW! I have no idea where to start! This was hands down one of the best weekends of my life. About 2 weeks or so ago I was planning my posts for the month and for this day specifically (Monday November 10th) the spot was blank. I had no idea what I was going to write about and was hoping something would come to mind. I had the opportunity to attend a concert last night and my first thought was “I will write about that!” & then realized how extremely boring that would actually be….So now what?

Well then something great happened….


brooke 1

What?! Yeah I got engaged to my bestest friend in the entire world on Friday afternoon! I am still on cloud 9. I saw it coming within the next few months but he got me good. So let me share for all your sappy romantics 😉

First let me tell you I was up in New York visiting my Mom, Stepdad, & my 6 brothers and sisters. It was Friday afternoon, kids were at school, & my Stepdad John was at work. Aaron had asked if I wanted to do a mini photoshoot for our brand True Strength. Well nothing out of the ordinary, of course I said yes! The three of us went outside and he asked my Mom to be the photographer. Before I go forward let me give you a little insight of my Mother…she is one of the most emotional people you will ever meet, it’s adorable. The day before we left Aaron told me he went to talk to my Dad and ask for his blessing and Aaron had asked him whether to tell my Mom beforehand or not. He said NO! 

I think back to Friday and in those moments before Aaron had asked for my hand in marriage and seeing how calm my Mother was during this entire thing. I quickly knew that she had just about as much of an idea this was happening as me. So pictures and pictures later as my Mom was still snapping away Aaron turns to me and asks how I feel about forever. Within seconds I lost it. Next thing I knew he was pulling out a ring. My Mom and I starred at each other crying and looking like deers in headlights.

Of course the last two days have been unbelievable. We are extremely blessed with such wonderful friends and family. Aaron actually provedthat he listens to me when I speak! (hahah, harsh I know) I say that because the proposal was as far away from cliche as possible (No rings in my chocolate cake & wine please!), my ring was absolutely perfect and everything I always dreamed of, & the most beautiful thing of all was my Mom was there to witness it all. That above anything else felt so magical.

Within the last 72 hours there have been so many signs that say to me that this was meant to happen this weekend. When you put your trust in God’s timing (especially with your relationships) He will make great things happen. I am so happy to share this milestone in my life with you all! So get ready for some DIY wedding planning ideas with me in the near future!


Happy Monday all!

Much love,

Brooke Ashley xoxox


Let me tell you about my best friend



So with Valentines Day quickly approaching I wanted to dedicate my second blog to my best friend, partner in crime, other half, and love of my  life. I’m not one to celebrate how many months you have been with someone,  I count by the important milestones.  But when I started to write out this blog I realized that Aaron and I have been together 20 months today. I sound like  a giddy highschool girl but I figured I would throw it out there!

Now I’m no relationship guru but I would like to share some insight to my relationship and some of the things I have learned along the way. First and foremost your siginificant other has to be your best friend. Notice that was the first way I mentioned Aaron in the beginning and used it as my title?  I feel that a best friend makes you feel every emotion in the book. They make you laugh, smile, cry, bring you up, may hurt your feelings, raise your confidence, the list could go on.  But most importantly they are there for you no matter what.  I trust, love, and adore Aaron with my whole heart. Why do I say be with someone who makes you feel every emotion in he books? Well simply because you need to take the good with the bad.  People, girls especially set their standards too high and it leads to a lot of disappointment.   You need to realize right from the beginning that no relationship js 100% perfect.  I would say Aaron and I come pretty darn close but that only because we have grown so much to see and realize what the other person is about.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend should be a positive influence on your plans and someone who supports your goals and dreams.  Well let me tell you my goals and dreams and outlook on life changed dramatically when I met Aaron.  In a good way of course 🙂  As I mentioned in my earlier blog, I am an entrepreneur.  If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I wanted to do with myself thst word would have been foreign to me.  If it wasnt for Aaron I probably would have never chosen this path for my life.  This is me and Aaron’s second time at the relationshio run. (We joke that it was our trial run) Anyways we were out on our “second” first date and we were exchanging back and forth what we had both been up to during our time apart. He goes on to mention that he started his own business. I was scared and nervous for him and for us if it were to work out.  I had it drilled in my head that school and a 9-5 was the rest of my life.  Well was I wrong. I am so thankful and excited for our future and what lies ahead for us.

I said it before and I will say it again but Jesus is my rock.  Do you know how much people my age struggle with finding someone who is compatible at a spiritual and Godly level? Well let me say that I struck gold for that one. Finding someone who you can pray with when life gets hard or to thank for your blessings is the most uplifting feeling a person can have.  Aaron and I have been blessed so much as individuals and as a couple. The fact that we can share that experience with one another is amazing.

Do any girls out there believe in love at first sight? I never did until now. I first met Aaron while I was dating someone else, but have you ever just met someone and hit it off and you cant ignore it? Yeah thats possible. From the minute Aaron and I talked for the first time I knew something was different. I can still vividly remember our first kiss. His sister invited a bunch of friends over and he had asked me that when everyone left if I wanted to chill and watch a movie with him. Well duh! We sat and watched Ironman twice plus all credits before he made a move, I wont hold it against him 😉 To this day this boy still gives me butterflies. We have known each other since I was 16. When he comes to pick me up I get nervous as if it were our first date. Girls and or guys be with someone who constantly makes you feel like this.

I have never been a huge fan of Valentines Day because well I love Aaron all the other 364 days of the year, well mostly 😉 Well first things first don’t ever stoo loving that person all the other days, keep doing that its important. You should be telling that person you love them every single day. I know for Aaron, everytime he tells me be loves me in a text it is always ALWAYS capitilized. I asked him one time why he does that and he said to me, babe I do that because regardless of what I said before that or whatever my tone was I want it to stand out that I LOVE YOU.

So this Valentines Day maybe do something a little but more for your siginificant other. Remind them that you do love them every day of the year. Maybe make them their favorite food, take them to a place they have always wanted to go…or write a blog about them!

Happy almost Valentines Day everyone!